Christmas is just bloody amazing.

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Christmas is my favourite time of the year.  Fact.  I just love the fact that it is deemed perfectly acceptable to eat a lump of cheese bigger than your fist, and a few chocolate coins for your breakfast lunch and dinner.  Oh and chocolate log.  That shit is cray cray good, with brandy butter.

Christmas ALONE

Christmas ALONE

But this year, Christmas is different.  I am single. Ohhhh no I hear you cry.  Poor little single thing.  Well actually, no.  Far from feeling like I am “facing”, “braving”, “soldiering on”, towards my first Christmas alone for a good few years, I feel thoroughly excited.  This is despite the fact that passerby’s are bestowing their pity on me.

Ok, ok, it has taken me a bit of time to get my head around the fact that my presents under the tree will be proportionally smaller than last years, and most certainly the year before when I went out with Mr “I will buy your love with diamonds and puppies”, but do you know what, this doesn’t matter.

Christmas is a great time if you are in love, but in my experience it is fraught with rows, begrudging compromise and disappointment.  I once gave up my precious Boxing Day to spend it with an Ex.  I sat around the table eating frozen sausage rolls and candy floss next door to an Uncle who “couldn’t be bothered to learn my name” and instead called me “Posh nosh.”  I just thought for the whole day – I have already met you three times you condescening prick, I could be with my family, playing card games and sipping gin.  They love me and atleast know my name. His rationale was that I probably wouldn’t be around next year.  Turns out, he was a bit psychic because I wasn’t.

So this year, as I sit around the table, laughing with my family, all of whom I adore more than the earth, I will take a moment to be even more thankful.   I am hearing so many fraught conversations from couples about Christmas that it just makes me think – gosh I am pleased I am free from all of the strife.  Of course I am hopeful about what the future holds, and only hope that sometime soon I will have a One True Love sitting around the dining room table too, with my family, but for the time being I am settled.

However on the understanding that I will probably have a few less presents this year.  I have bought myself a present.  A “To Laurie.  Lots of Love From Laurie” present which I will not open until Christmas Day.  My present is to celebrate the fact that I am single, happy, healthy and not as fat as I should be considering I eat a pack of Percy Pigs a day.  It is currently sitting in my wardrobe, all wrapped up beautifully and waiting to be worn.  Because you know what, I don’t need a man to buy me diamonds.  I can get them myself.  I plan to wear it come January as a constant reminder that “life is for living”.  Be happy whether you are single or alone, and always spend your time with people that love and respect you.

And luckily for me, I have three people that do this – my beautiful, fearless Mum who supports me in everything I do and is a constant source of inspiration to me. My dad, who despite pretending he is grumpy sod, would do anything, even sacrificing himself to keep us happy.  And my Brother – who taught me that whatever life may throw at you, you can deal with it with humility and bravery.

Yep I am a lucky girl.

I am however pissed off that in the peak of Winter I will have to de-ice my car.

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